Saturday, July 7, 2012

FMF: Story: The Picky Little Prince

What's an FMF?
Five Minute Friday...but I never adhere to five minutes.  I'm a rebel.  It's free writing with no thinking.  Just writing.  TheGypsyMama gives you a word and you just write about it.  Whatever comes to mind...  Ready?


I sat and stared at the computer screen for ten minutes after getting this word yesterday.  There!  My five minutes are up!  Woot!  Naw, it doesn't work like that.  I love writing and I want to do it.  So I went about my day just thinking about the word "story".  What story could I tell?  Should I make something up?  What would be interesting for my loyal fans (all two of them) to read?  Should I talk about food some more since that is like all the subject matter I have lately?  Which reminds me, did you know that 25 Swedish Fish are only 150 calories??!!  Mmm....gummy goodness...

But I digress....a story.  Let's tell a story...

There once was a little prince.  He was the pickiest prince one would ever meet.  This prince would not eat.  He would tell you he loved bananas.  But really, he only loved them because they are yellow.  Give him a peeled banana on a platter...heck, smother it in ice cream, chocolate, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, and he would turn up his nose.

The prince was very little.  The king and queen and all the royal doctors were concerned about him.  He would not eat a bite.  Soon the decision was made that he needed help with eating.  "We must teach him to eat!" said one of the royal doctors!

"Teach him?" murmured the people of the court.  How do you teach someone to eat?  Aren't they born with that desire?

The queen took the prince to a far off land.  There they stayed for a month and a half.  Every day, the little prince was offered food.  He would refuse it like always, but if he tasted it he would get a reward.

A bandaid for a bite?  YES!

15 minutes of Spiderman for three bites?  YES!

A call to Gramma when you finish it all?  YES!!

Soon the little prince was eating everything...especially bananas on a platter smothered in ice cream, chocolate, nuts, and whipped cream with a cherry on top!


Oh how I wish this story would come true over the next couple of months!  I know this is going to be a long, hard road.  I hope I have the strength.  I'll just come back to this story and remind myself that it will happen...

The Picky Little Prince

Five Minute Friday


  1. Taylor, i enjoyed your post:) i agree. this was a difficult word for me too! i don't think i did as well as you with the word. nice to meet you. i enjoyed your humor. the title of your blog looks intriguing. i'll have to come back and read more about you. right now i MUST get to bed.

  2. My favorite story ever!! The PRINCE will do it....guess they must know what they are doing there. The Queen should start her first book while waiting out the time!! ( :

  3. That's a great story :) and one, I am afraid, I am becoming familiar with as my 16 month old is picky with "texture" but does love bananas!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope the prince learns to like bananas. Maybe putting in smoothies would work. We love frozen fruits around here.


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