Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taylor's Rules of Weight Loss 1-7

The rules of the universe should change to make all of these apply. It's only fair!

1.  If you can maintain your weight when not doing a thing, then all you have to do to lose weight is either start exercising or start eating better, not both.

2. When you have your period, all bets are off.  Your body should know better than to make you restrict your dietary needs during such a stressful time.  Eating chocolate is essential to your sanity.

3.  Holidays don't count either.  Eat, drink, be merry!

4.  If you are standing in the kitchen and no one is around to see you eat it, did you really eat it?

5.  Eat a candy bar for every pound you lose. You deserve a reward!

6.  Fruit flavored candy counts as a fruit serving.

7.  Drinks do not contain calories...especially those of the alcohol family.


  1. You should be a comedian! Pretty funny!

  2. Ahahaha did you make up these rules? They cracked me up!


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